Acupuncture during pregnancy


Treatment is normally once monthly until the last month when it is optimal to receive treatment once or twice each week for prenatal maturing. An acupuncture session normally lasts for 30 minutes, and the women will usually only feel a little prick the moment the needles penetrate the skin. In addition, it is not unusual for increased fetal activity during, and in the hours directly following, a session.

First trimester

A recently completed study shows that, among the many benefits of receiving acupuncture treatment throughout pregnancy, there is a proven positive effect on morning sickness. This Australian study, published in the journal Birth, comprised of 593 women less than 14 weeks into their pregnancies. These women received acupuncture treatment and could report less morning sickness than the women not receiving the treatment. The improvement could be registered almost immediately and lasted throughout the four weeks of the study. In the first trimester acupuncture can also help prevent tiredness, migraines and bleeding.

Second trimester

Since acupuncture restores balance in the body, the treatment can help ease symptoms such as heartburn, hemorrhoids / piles and stress. It can also treat edema, high blood-pressure and rapid excessive weight gain. An experienced acupuncturist will be able to determine whether or not the woman’s problems can be helped by the treatment, or alternatively advice her to seek more thorough evaluation from her OB/GYN.

Third trimester

In the pregnancy’s last trimester acupuncture has the ability to prevent and easy sciatic pain, general back pain, pelvic pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The effect will often be instant. It is also important that the baby positions itself with his/her head down in the pelvis in weeks 32-34. During the last 4-6 weeks, the treatment focuses on optimizing the birth.


Acupuncture is used throughout birth mainly to relieve pain and boost the woman’s energy. But, should it be necessary, needling can also stimulate contractions of the uterus so that synthetic drugs can be avoided. The best results are seen where the treatment can run over a course of 2-3 days, so it is important to get started early if troubled by strong Braxton Hicks contractions without the birth starting.

Post natal period

Acupuncture can be beneficial also after the birth. It can help stop bleeding and correct imbalances that occur during the strain of giving birth. Some of the areas where post natal acupuncture treatment shows good results are depression, irregular menstrual cycle, low energy, anxiety, back pain, perineal pain, and other forms of pain.