May 01: Clinical observation at three different hospitals in Beijing.

I studied with some of the most experienced chinese doctors and acupuncturists. This gave access to a complex and varied group of patients.

99/01: Nordic school of Acupuncture - NAHS.

Nordic school of Acupuncture, in 1996 became the official branch of China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Centre, Beijing (CIBIATIC). CIBIATIC is part of China Academy of TCM, and is the largest institute in China to educate international students in relationship with WHO.

This includes a thorough introduction to the wide capacity of eastern medicine, also including trigger point treatment, ECHIWO, Yamamotos scull acupuncture and tuina.

99/00: Medicine 1 year, Atlantis Medisinske Høyskole - AMH.

Basic training in pathology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and social medicine.


  1. Stems and branches

  2. Acupuncture in pregnancy

  3. Pediatric acupuncture

  4. Emotions and spirituality

  5. Trigger point acupuncture

  6. Tendinopathies

In addition to this I have continually worked with several highly skilled acupuncturists, both Norwegian and from abroad. Today I work in a combined acupuncture- and manual therapy clinic.


I attended a congress in Denmark, Scandinavian TCM congress, in september ’11, the theme being: «Chinese medicine and the fertile spirit: Childhood, Nourishment and long life.»

I attended a two day course by Akupunkturforeningen in Oslo in September ’11, with Yair Maimon. «The 7 emotions and their effect on Qi and Shen. How to transform psychological trauma with acupuncture».


Member of Akupunkturforeningen

NAME    Annik Wågnes

E-MAIL   annik@waagnes.no

WORK   33 46 77 31