1. Physical therapist -73, England

  2. Specialist i Manual therapy -75 to -78

  3. Teacher and examiner i Manual therapy

  4. Acupuncture studies from -80, from Dr. Georg Bentze and others

  5. Member of the board and fagutvalget of former acupuncture association Naho

  6. Former president of NFFs Faggruppe for manual therapy

  7. Member of Akupunkturforeningen



I moved from Ålesund to England and physiotherapy studies in the autumn of ’69. In ’75 I came to Tønsberg to get further education in Manual Therapy. Post graduation we moved to Sandefjord where, after acquiring my teacher qualifications, I proceeded to educate colleagues in Manual Therapy.

In the early ‘80s my interest in alternative medicine was awoken, especially in acupuncture. Dr Georg Bentze was to become my first teacher, and since then my studies in this field continued both in Norway and abroad. After an educational stay in Beijing at CBIATC I came in contact with Bjørn Rismyhr and later Inge Hatlenes. Together we formed the acupuncture union NAHO. After several years in a shared practice, I established myself as a single practice in Sandefjord in ’86. My acupuncture patients are spread across the entire TCM register, though naturally with an emphasis on muscular/skeletal related conditions.

It feels good being at the forefront of establishing acupuncture as an important, and sometimes unique, complement to our traditional medicine. Western medicine houses both diversity and skill and I feel at my best when I can incorporate both fields in my practice. We have a lot of cooperation to develop as well as the field itself.

In 2001 my daughter, Annik, completed her acupuncture studies, and has worked at the clinic since, to the enrichment of both myself and the patients. She is also the main architect behind our website.

I sincerely thank my daughter, Guro Brand, for having translated the texts. Without her patient help, this website would not have been available to our English-speaking visitors.

All along I have had invaluable support from my wife, Kirsti. Without her the wheels would have stopped turning a long time ago.

Member of Akupunkturforeningen          

Manual therapist NMT

NAME    Dag Wågnes

E-MAIL   dag@waagnes.no

WORK   33 46 77 31