Morphological acupuncture


The length of birth has been proven to be effectively reduced in women who have received prenatal acupuncture to mature the cervix. Research conducted by Röhmer at the Gynecological University Hospital in Mannheim, including 1000 women, was able to prove to reduce the length of the 1st stage of labour because of an already mature cervix. This type of acupuncture is also called morphological acupuncture. It is recommended to start morphological acupuncture treatments in week 35/36, and follow up with treatments once or twice each week until birth.

The average length of the birth for the women in the study receiving acupuncture was 470 minutes (7.8 hours), and in the control group not receiving acupuncture the average length was 594 minutes (9.9 hours). This shows a difference in length of over two hours. The number of emergency C-sections in those women receiving acupuncture was also significantly reduced. The mechanisms that affect the cervix are yet to be uncovered, but the results show that specific prenatal acupuncture can result in morphological changes to the cervix before birth. The contractions seemed to be better coordinated, resulting in more effective contractions and as a consequence a shorter birth.


It is beneficial to receive acupuncture treatment from the beginning of pregnancy, and receive treatment approximately once monthly. This prepares the body for morphological acupuncture, and the process is less intense. From week 35/36 the frequency of treatment is increased to once or twice weekly.