Underneath we’ll present news in the press, from Akupunkturforeningen as well as the manual therapy association. We’ll update from both Norwegian and foreign publications. Suggestions can be forwarded to Annik Wågnes.

Acupuncture Can Prevent Radiation-Induced Chronic Dry Mouth

When given alongside radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, acupuncture has shown for the first time to reduce the debilitating side effect of xerostomia, according to new research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center. Click here to read more on facebook, and here to read the article.

Bachelor degree in acupuncture

Akupunkturhøyskolen (AKHS) now offers a certified bachelor degree in acupuncture, the only school to do so in the nordic countries. This bachelor degree is the foundation on which the Akupunkturforeningen is applying for authorization for acupuncturists in Norway.

Application for authorization

October 30th 2009 Akupunkturforeningen (then NAFO) applied for authorization of acupuncturists in Norway, in accordance with the health personell law.

To be authorized one needs 240 study points, including at least 120 study points of acupuncture TCM style, and a minimum of 90 study points in the medical subjects anatomy, physiology and pathology.

11 reasons as to why an authorization is important (in norwegian).